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    Projects Of Couplings:
    The multi-function pipe couplings were used on the bangchuidad cargo ship made in halland to simplify the installation process and save the cast and time in the meantime.
     The medium fo the pipe system inthe disel iocomotive are 95℃ water and 85℃oil.inthe continuous yibration and oscillation environment.The multi-function pipe couplingswill work well and save much time and cost in installation.
     In beijing ninth company multi-function pipe couplings is used to connect different pipe materiais between DN200 steel pipe and ono-metal pipe in a time and cast saving way.
    Fast connection of DN250 stainless steel pipe with Zhuhong multi-function pipe couplings startens the construction project control of time.  
     Guangzhou jingxi wasteeater treament system adopts plenty of Zhuhong pipe coupling to reduce the construction time and maintenance cast.
     Zhuhong pipe couplings apply to the ultrailltration membrane pipeling construction project with high performance in tinstallation and maintenance.
    Projects Of Repairing:    
    It takes 3 hours to successfuily repair the DN2300 cement pipe with the band repair clamp of Zhuhong.  
     To repair the DN1200 GRP pipe of hunnan water corparation conventionally.They have to stop the water pipe for more than 36 hours.However, ueing the pipe of Zhuhong instead just make it within 2 hours.
     With in 3 mintutes,under press leakage repairing has done successfuily on the DN450 water supply pipeline in puyang oilfield.
     Russian customer use our repair clamp of Zhuhong to finish a very fast repairing for the PE pipe of DN300 in water supply.  
     For the saverely cottasive DN50 water supply pipe of dallan in sutater group. Zhuhong repair clamp repairs the leakage in very short time.
     Zhuhong lenghen type repairing of long leakage of DN900 ductile iron pipeline of jinan water group.
     To solve the leakage of DN400 gas pipeline in shanxi huarun gas company .Zhuhong RCD double section repair clamp performs quite excellent in fast repairing.  
     RCD double-section aiso works smoothly to stop leaking between the gap of two oil tanks shergling in shengli oilfleld.
     The welding joints of the siphon drainage pipeline break off.For secondary production ,they adopt Zhuhong repair clamp.
     RCD double-section short clamps successfully connect the DN500 ductille iron pipeline in the ground.  
     Shanxi thermo-power corporation uses our DN500 repair clamp for their emergency repair of heating pipeline.
     RCD double-section repair clamps apply to the DN1200 cement pipe.
     To meet customer is special requitement.Zhuhong and shanxi yuncheng thermo-power work together on the experiment of compensation repair clamp.  
     For the leakage of 20degree elbow of DN450 heating pipe.Zhuhong elbow repair clamps overcome this technical diffculty just in 10 minutrs.
     Within 10 minutes ,zhuhong elbow repair clamps have been used to repair the 90 degree elbow of DN150 steel pipe.
    Zhuhong tee clamp funtions very well on the tee part of DN40 pipelines in the high railway station.
     For DN150 pipe with DN20 branch ,daqing oilfield adopts Zhuhong multi-funtion tee clamp to install with holing ang sealing on nonstop pressured pipeline.
    To repair the socket part of DN1200 cement pipe brust in hunan water group.They use zhuhong customized non-standard socket pipe repair clamp effoclently.
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