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    Product Features:
    Zhuhong Socket Repair Clamp is specially designed for socket part of potable water pipelines…Put the clamp socket end to the pipe socket end,clamp insert end to the pipe insert end and swallowtail sealling gasket to the pipe socket end.When connecting the two ends of pipe socket and insert,please adjust the clamp to a properposition and push the swalllowtail sealing gasket with the adjusting and fixing devices.In this way,the sealing performance will be done successfully.

    * Applied to different class and brands cast iron、ductile iron pipelines of diameter≤ 945mm.

    * Use less components to make fast and convenient installation.

    * Without other special tools,only a wrench will help to operate the installation process.

    * Available for leakage repairing on no-stop pressured pipeline.
    Technical Parameters:

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